FUMATO 1000W Pop Up Toaster 2 Slices Automatic | Premium Bread Toaster- 6 Modes, Removable Crumb Tray, Extra Wide Slots | Cute Electric Toaster with Cancel, Reheat & Defrost | 1 Yr Warranty- Purple

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FUMATO ToasterFUMATO Toaster

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Fumato, specializing in kitchen appliances, distinguishes itself with its stylish and aesthetic designs. Offering a range of visually appealing products, Fumato elevates the aesthetics of any kitchen space while providing functional excellence.

1000 Watt Pop Up Toaster

Toaster with Bun Rack, Cancel, Defrost and Reheat Function

The FUMATO Pop Up Toaster 2 Slices boasts 1000 watts of power for efficient toasting, six browning levels for customizable results, and vibrant pop colors for a stylish addition to your kitchen.

Extra Wide SlotExtra Wide Slot

bun rackbun rack

digital timerdigital timer

removable crumb trayremovable crumb tray

Extra Wide Slot

FUMATO Pop Up Toaster’s extra-wide slots accommodate various bread sizes and thicknesses, ensuring even toasting for bagels, artisan bread, and more. This feature provides versatility and convenience, allowing for a wider range of toastable options.

Bun Rack

FUMATO Pop Up Toaster with a bun rack typically includes an additional attachment or feature that allows you to warm or toast buns, rolls, and pastries while simultaneously toasting bread in the regular slots. This provides versatility for different types of breakfast items or sandwiches.

Cancel, Reheat and Defrost with Digital Timer

FUMATO Pop Up Toaster is equipped with a timer and functions for canceling, reheating, and defrosting which offers versatile toasting options. The timer allows precise control over toasting duration, while the cancel function stops the toasting process at any time. Reheat function warms previously toasted items, and the defrost function thaws frozen bread before toasting, ensuring convenience and optimal results.

Removable Crumb Tray

FUMATO Pop Up Toaster with its removable crumb tray makes cleaning effortless. Simply slide out the tray to dispose of accumulated crumbs, ensuring the toaster stays clean and hygienic with minimal effort. This feature enhances convenience and maintenance of the appliance.

how to usehow to use

6 toasting levels6 toasting levels


Midnight BlueMidnight Blue


Teal BlueTeal Blue

Midnight Blue


Teal Blue

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✅ STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION: The FUMATO Pop-up Toaster 2 slices is made from durable stainless steel, ensuring longevity and reliable performance. With a medium size, purple color, and included removable crumb tray, this toaster is not only functional but also stylish for any kitchen decor and a great gifting option.
✅ USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Enjoy easy and convenient toasting with the FUMATO Bread Toaster. With 6 browning levels, even toasting, and cord storage at the base, this toaster is perfect for those who value ease of use and temperature control. This pop up toaster features a sleek and user-friendly design.
✅ EASE OF USE AND VALUE: The FUMATO Bread Toaster is designed for customer satisfaction. With features like extra wide slots, cancel function, and bun warmer, this toaster offers exceptional value for money. This pop up toaster is affordable, user-friendly, and a recommended product for everyday use.
✅ VERSATILE USAGE: From morning to evening, the FUMATO Bread Toaster serves a variety of purposes. Whether it’s toasting bread for breakfast, warming up sandwiches for lunch, or reheating leftovers for a quick snack, this pop up toaster is perfect for families, kids, and friends. Use it in the kitchen, on the bathroom counter, or any other convenient location.
✅ HIGH-QUALITY PERFORMANCE: The FUMATO Pop-up Toaster 2 slices delivers exceptional performance with 1000 watts of power and 6 browning levels. Its anti-skid feet and removable crumb tray for easy cleaning makes it a top choice for customers looking for even toasting and efficient operation. Say goodbye to quick malfunctions and low-quality toasters with this reliable product.
✅ 1 YEAR WARRANTY and ISI CERTIFIED: A one-year warranty, starting from the date of purchase, is provided for this pop up toaster, and it specifically covers defects related to the materials used or the workmanship involved in its manufacturing. This product also comes with an ISI Certification.

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