Kostech 180 Watt Hand Blender Mixer Electric Egg Beater For Cake Making and Beater For Whipping Cream Beater For Mix Cream Beater For Kitchen With 7 Speed with spatula

Price: ₹999 - ₹529.00
(as of Jun 10, 2024 03:29:19 UTC – Details)

Easy Start Feature brings the beaters up to the selected speed gradually to help prevent ingredients from splattering. This hand mixer is equipped with 7-speed functionality. You can start with the control knob at 0 where the mixer is turned off. Snap-on storage case and soft scrape beaters, whisk and dough hooks. Keeps everything in one place. Stainless steel attachments are dishwasher-safe. Bowl rest take a pause to read the recipe or add the next ingredient without wondering where to set the mixer. A built in groove lets you rest the mixer over the bowl, so drips go where they belong and not all over your counter-top
High Speeds: Combine ingredients at speed one for slowly stirring in chunky ingredients, speed four for mashing potatoes, speed seven for beating egg whites and whipping meringue.
Rated Power: 260 W Supply Voltage: 220-240V; Power Frequency: 50Hz/60HZ
Hand washing recommended; Suitable for many foods, such as cakes, cookies, eggs, potatoes, etc.
Easy to operate, clean with detachable and easily washable parts

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