Panasonic Econavi 336 L 3 Star 6-Stage Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (NR-BG343VDA3, Deep Ocean Blue, Powered by Artificial Intelligence, 2022 Model)

Price: ₹48,000 - ₹45,788.00
(as of Jun 04, 2024 16:04:58 UTC – Details)

From the manufacturer

Meet Smart


ECONAVI: Smart Cooling Technology

The ECONAVI INVERTER system is a unique Panasonic technology that provides optimum operation while saving energy. ECONAVI sensors detect conditions of use, and a microprocessor analyzes them. Using the results of this analysis, the INVERTER compressor adjusts the rotation frequency of the motor to optimize cooling performance. The ECONAVI INVERTER system memorizes the pattern of use for 3 weeks, and analyzes and predicts the conditions of use every hour of each day. Based on this prediction and actual conditions of use, it decides on the ideal operation to save energy.

Meet Reliability




No.1 Appliance Brand in Japan

With a heritage of nearly 100 years, Panasonic prides itself as a brand that genuinely understands quality. Rooted in Japanese culture, we ensure excellent craftsmanship and stay uncompromised on the latest innovations, offering a premium range of products that cater to every lifestyle need – be it at home or at work.

Inspired by Japan’s cuisine that require fresh ingredients, the elegant refrigerator features advanced technologies for precise temperature and uniform freezing.

*Japan No 1- Source Euromonitor International Limited;Consumer Appliance 2020 Edition; as per Consumer Appliances definitions; retail volume sales; 2019 data

Advanced Cooling with Intelligent INVERTER Control

The INVERTER compressor varies power to provide more energy during day to adapt to frequent use and less at night. This results in extremely efficient operation to achieve energy savings, less noise and quick, powerful cooling.

20%* bigger Fresh Safe Vegetable Case

The large 35 L capacity vegetable case stores vegetables and fruits in the optimum conditions with ideal humidity and constant temperature to keep them fresh and juicy longer.

* 20% more storage space compared to the vegetable case of other Panasonic models of a similar capacity.

Meet Health and Freshness

AG CleanAG Clean

AG Clean Technology

Silver has a powerful effect, deactivating 99.9%* of mold and bacteria inside the fridge compartment.Panasonic Refrigerators are thoroughly crafted keeping the heath of your family in mind. That’s why, we bring innovative AG clean Technology that eliminates bacteria, molds and other harmful organisms while ensuring your food retains its freshness and nutrients. The Silver Air Filter eliminates 99.9%* of mold and bacteria inside the refrigerator. AG filter cleans the circulating air to powerfully deactivate mold and bacteria, while reducing odours.

* Certified by Boken Quality Evaluation Institute.

Test report number: No. 20215058561-1.



fresh safefresh safe

Three step easy Humidity Control

With humidity control slider you are able to manually control the ideal humidity depending on the amount stored, as well as the types of vegetables and fruit.

Gentle Surround Cooling

Cold air from the rear panel is blown to the sides to surround stored items. This surround cooling airflow softly wraps each of the items and cools them evenly.

Moisture-retaining Fresh Safe Vegetable Case

The vegetable case stores vegetables and fruits in the optimum conditions with ideal humidity and constant temperature to keep them fresh and juicy longer.

Meet Convenience





Height Adjustable Shelves

You can adjust the height of the shelf for more efficient storage and convenience

Toughened Glass Shelves

The strong tempered glass shelves can withstand loads of up to 100 kg, so you can put in stew pots, large bottles and other heavy items as they are.

Movable Ice Tray

Now, you can get ice with an easy twist of a lever. All you need to do is wait for the ice cubes to be ready. You can also keep this removable ice tray outside the freezer when you need more freezer space.


What’s more refreshing than drinking a glass of chilled beverage on a hot summer day? Store your cans and bottles in the pockets and keep them chilled for long.

The star rating changes are as per BEE guidelines on or before 1st Jan 2023
Frost Free Refrigerator : Auto Defrost Function to Prevent Ice-Build Up
Capacity 336 L– Suitable for families with 5 or more members
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year on Product; 10 Years on Compressor
Intelligent Inverter Compressor – Energy Efficient, Less Noise & More Durable
Also included in the box: Owners Manual,Warranty Card
AG Clean : Deactivates Bacteria and Mold up to 99.9% inside the Fridge Compartment, to keep food Healthy and Hygienic.
Fresh Safe:Fresh Safe Vegetable Case stores vegetables and fruits in optimum conditions with high humidity.
ECONAVI: Intelligent Sensors that monitor your daily usage pattern and adjust the energy consumption accordingly.
Toughened Glass Shelves : Panasonic’s Refrigerators have Toughened Glass Shelves that are Designed and Tested for long lasting durability.

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