Smars 4G SIM CARD CAMERA HD Video CAMERA Quality Night Vision Camera 2 Way Audio IP66 Auto Alarm, Motion Detection, Sharing Function, memory card storage, PLUG AND PLAY, & Multi Picture Viewing CAMERA

Price: ₹6,059 - ₹2,609.00
(as of Jun 02, 2024 08:46:30 UTC – Details)

High-Definition Video and Night Vision: The Smars 4G SIM Card Camera offers top-tier HD video quality and exceptional night vision capabilities. It guarantees clear, detailed footage in any lighting condition, ensuring you never miss a moment. Two-Way Audio: Stay connected with the 2-way audio feature. Whether it’s for home security or remote communication, this camera enables seamless interactions with your surroundings. Weatherproof and Durable (IP66): Built to withstand the elements, this camera boasts an IP66 rating. It’s your reliable choice for both indoor and outdoor surveillance, ensuring uncompromised security no matter the weather. Auto Alarm and Motion Detection: Trust in the advanced motion detection and auto alarm system to keep you informed of any unusual activity. Rest easy knowing that you’re always aware and can respond quickly to potential threats. Sharing Function: Enhance your security with the easy-to-use sharing function. Grant access to trusted individuals, allowing multiple users to monitor your space simultaneously for comprehensive protection. Memory Card Storage: Conveniently store recorded footage with memory card storage. You’ll always have access to your video archives for review or evidence when needed. Plug and Play: With a straightforward setup process, the Smars 4G SIM Card Camera is ready to go in minutes. Just plug it in, connect to Wi-Fi, or insert a 4G SIM card, and you’re all set to monitor your surroundings hassle-free. Multi Picture Viewing: Keep a watchful eye on multiple angles with the multi-picture viewing feature. Simultaneously view feeds from various camera angles to enhance your situational awareness. With the Smars 4G SIM Card Camera, you’re investing in a premium surveillance solution that offers unrivaled image quality, robust features, and effortless setup. Rest easy, knowing that your property and loved ones are safeguarded by cutting-edge technology.
Two-Way Audio: Stay connected with two-way audio, allowing you to listen and talk through the camera.
Memory Card Storage: Convenient local storage for easy access to recorded footage.
Night Vision: Superior night vision technology for 24/7 surveillance, even in low-light conditions.
Multi Picture Viewing: Monitor from various angles simultaneously for enhanced situational awareness.
Plug and Play: Effortless setup, simply plug in and start monitoring, no complex installation required.

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