Trueview 3mp 1296p HD All Time Color 4G Sim Based Bullet CCTV Security Camera for Home, Shop, Office, Farm, and Construction Site | IP66 Waterproof Rating | With 9 IR LED

Price: ₹11,200 - ₹2,475.00
(as of May 28, 2024 19:23:42 UTC – Details)

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Trueview Established in 2011, Trueview is one of the leading manufacturers of security surveillance & display solution products in India. The company is a pioneer in IP CCTV technology & display solutions. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, right from designing up to finished product, the company has in-house expertise along with all the required facilities.

Cutting-Edge Vision Technology: Explore our 4g sim based extensive range of products boasting an ‘All time color vision’ feature, ensuring vivid and clear visuals. With a remarkable 3 MP resolution, witness unparalleled image quality that sets new standards for surveillance and security.
Expandable Storage Options: Enjoy the convenience of ample storage with 256GB SD Card support, ensuring that you never miss a moment. Our products provide the flexibility to store large amounts of footage, offering peace of mind and extended recording capabilities.
Enhanced Communication Systems: Elevate your security measures with Full Duplex Audio Intercom functionality, allowing seamless two-way communication. This advanced feature facilitates real-time interaction, enhancing the overall monitoring and surveillance experience.
Optimized Night Vision: Our products incorporate a sophisticated Infrared and white dual-light design, accompanied by 3 adjustable night vision modes. This ensures that you have optimal visibility in low-light conditions, providing a comprehensive surveillance solution round the clock.
Intelligent Detection and Alerts: Stay ahead of potential threats with smart human and area movement detection. Receive instant mobile notifications upon human or motion detection, empowering you to take immediate action. Customize your security with pre-recorded alarm broadcasts for a tailored and responsive monitoring system.

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